CARAVAN MOTORHOME STATUS 540 DIRECTIONAL TV AERIAL Price: £159.99 (as of 27/11/2020 10:07 PST- Details)

The new status 560 directional aerial earial caravans, mobile homes, boats, antenna mast (long).
Thanks to the specially designed telescopic antennas, 560 produces exceptional performance in all VHF, UHF/FM signals.
Digital and analogue video transmission. We have a strong, wide band, log Regular dipole array with an integrated electronic booster.


The brand new standing 560 directional aerial earial caravans, cellular houses, boats, antenna mast (lengthy).
Way to the particularly designed telescopic antennas, 560 produces outstanding efficiency in all VHF, UHF/FM indications.
Virtual and analogue video transmission. We have now a robust, huge band, log Common dipole array with an built-in digital booster.
Some of the necessary options of the 560 is the site of your antenna set up and whilst won within the box.

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